Pro Staff

Our Dr. Slick Pro Staff includes some of the greatest men and women in fly-tying.  Whether you’re an old-timer or new to the game, you’ll recognize most of the names.  Our professionals evaluate Dr. Slick tools long before you see them . . . testing, tweaking and suggesting ways to make them even better.  What do you get when you make the best tools better?  You get Dr. Slick.  

Jeff "Bear" Andrews,  Larry Antonuk,  Lee Baermann,
Tyler Befus,  Bill Blackstone,  Lee Blanton,  Ken Bohannon,  Dick Brown,  Bruce Corwin,  Charlie Craven,

Micah Dammeyer,  Dean Endress,  Russ Forney,  

Adam Harman,  Leslie Harrop,  Mike Henle,  Anthony Hipps,  Linda Hotchkiss,

Tim Ivey,  Bob Jacklin,  Charles Jardine,  

David Klausmeyer,  Val Kropiwnicki,  John Kumiski,  Lauren Lehigh,  Tradd Little,  Angel Lujan,  Jim Malo,  Bruce Marino,
Cheryl Moore,  Ken Morrish,  Skip Morris,  

Edward Muzeroll,  Naomi Okamoto,  Graham Owen,  Marlon Rampy,  Juan Ramirez,  

Phil Rowley,  Sara Royalty,  Geoff Samples,  Scott Sanchez,  

Lee Schechter,  G.S. "Stack" Scoville, Jr.,  Chris Sparks,  

Ray Stachelek,  Scott Stryker,  Lou Tabory,  Hameed Talebian,  Steve Yates